10 Facts about Converting Your Car to CNG

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10 Facts about Converting Your Car to CNG

If you want to convert your car to CNG, then it’s a very best option for you. It helps in reducing air pollution and also helps you save money. You can install sequential CNG kit.

These kits are a much better option for your car. This results in better mileage and better performance.

The basic benefit that it has is towards the environment. The gas is advantageous for the atmosphere. Henceforth, it is often known as the green fuel.

It is good for the environment since it doesn’t contain any harmful elements that are harmful for the atmosphere.

Now check out 10 Facts about Converting Your Car to CNG:

  1. Cleanest and rich energy resource:

Compressed natural gas is the cleanest and most abundant energy resource which is commercially available.

Besides being cleaner, it functions more quietly and is completely odourless.

  1. Fewer maintenance issues:

Vehicles that run on natural gas require an oil change less often. So this leads to fewer maintenance costs.

So it’s not just the fuel source that cuts your costs, however there’re secondary cost savings built in to run on CNG.

  1. It is a greener fuel:

The harmful gas emissions that are released as a by product of CNG usage are lesser than those created by regular fuel.

This dramatically reduces air pollution, thereby making the environment safer for everyone.

  1. The price fluctuation of natural gas is less:

If you look back you will notice that petrol and diesel prices have been on a roller coaster ride, however CNG has a relatively linear movement.

This is mainly because of domestic production and it has no dependency on international movements.

  1. Improve life of the Engines:

Contrary to popular belief, compressed natural gas is actually a better fuel for improving life of the engine as the carbon levels are greatly lowered.

  1. Efficiency:

It has greatest efficiency. Natural gas is about 1/2 the price of gasoline. You may also need to change the car’s oil less frequently because of the cleaner-burning fuel.

  1. Less Pollution:

Air pollution caused by vehicle emissions is a huge concern. So we need something to control in order to have a safer and greener environment.

Natural gas vehicles greenhouse gas emission is far less and not hazardous to the environment.

  1. Compression Ratio:

Natural gas vehicle engines have a very high compression ratio, thereby burning most of the fuel and leaving very few by-products behind.

  1. Tax:

In the United States and several other nations, natural gas vehicle owners get tax incentives. This is mainly to control air pollution.

  1. Conversion Kits:

Even if you can’t afford to purchase a natural gas vehicle, you’re still able to change your car to a hybrid with the availability of a conversion kit.

The installation of the kit in your car will allow you to drive with a mixture of gasoline and natural gas. This way, you can have a multi-fuelled hybrid car.


CNG is clean fuel. It is economic as it’s cheaper than petrol and LPG. It saves you money. It’s good for car engine. It requires less lubrication.

CNG is safer as it is safer than petrol and diesel. CNG gas tanks are safer and stronger.

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