10 Facts You Need to Know Before Going CNG

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10 Facts You Need to Know Before Going CNG

What is compressed natural gas?

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is a low cost fuel to use and that is why it is so widespread in public transport. Also it is a fact that the second hand car market is greatly supported by CNG kits.

As an alternative to buying a new natural gas vehicle, car owners also choose to convert an existing vehicle to run on CNG.

As the price of the oil is increasing day by day, so CNG seems to be a good investment for almost all people in general.

Here is a brief look at the advantages of going CNG:

  1. CNG is a safe and environmentally conscious alternative energy source:

Compressed Natural gas is non-carcinogenic, non-toxic, and doesn’t pollute soil, groundwater or surface water.

In addition to this, CNG is lighter than air. In this way, CNG is not only eco-friendly, however a healthier alternative fuel source.

  1. Economy:

CNG is cheaper compared to other fossil fuels and cheaper than electricity. Natural gas appliances are also economical compared to electrical ones.

  1. Environment:

It doesn’t pollute the ground or the underground water. The main reason behind this is that its by-products are in gaseous form.

Another important fact is that natural gas burns without releasing any sulphur dioxide or harmful gases.

  1. Almost any truck, car, van, or SUV can be converted to run on CNG:

It is a fact that almost any car, truck, van or SUV can be converted to run on CNG. Many companies currently market CNG kits.

However they should be installed by a certified professional.  Basic CNG kits start at US $900; gas tanks are an additional charge starting at US $1200.

  1. Noise Reducing:

CNG engines run quieter than common diesel engines.

So, while some advantages of CNG are quite obvious and others less so, it is easy to see why natural gas is of great benefit to all of us.

  1. Safety:

Another benefit with natural gas is that in the event of a leak, natural gas scatters in the environment.

While on the other hand liquid fuels pollute our water sources and are very difficult to remediate.

  1. Less dependence:

Since up to 90% of the U.S. natural gas that people consume is domestically produced, they rely less on importing energy sources and become less susceptible to oil-induced recessions.

  1. CNG prices have exhibited stability compared to oil prices:

Compressed natural gas prices have exhibited price stability compared to the prices of petroleum-based fuels.

This stability makes it easier to plan exactly for long-term costs.

  1. Lower maintenance costs:

 NGVs have lower maintenance costs. As natural gas burns so cleanly, it causes less harm to an engine.

  1. Performance advantage:

 CNG vehicles experience no vapour locking, and as natural gas is already in a gaseous state, CNG vehicles have superior starting even under severe cold or hot weather conditions.


While cost savings can be significant, there’re many more environmental benefits as the result of using more natural gas and less diesel or gasoline.

CNG is the smart and reasonable choice for stage and contract carriages, fleet vehicles, waste disposal trucks, delivery vehicles, and more.

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