10 Key Reason to Choose CNG Instead of Petrol / Diesel for Your Car

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10 Key Reason to Choose CNG Instead of Petrol / Diesel for Your Car

Compressed natural gas (CNG) is a fuel, which one can use in place of petrol, diesel fuel and propane or LPG. It is environmental friendly because it reduces vehicular exhaust emissions significantly.

CNG reduces Carbon Monoxide (harmful gas) emissions to a maximum of ninety percent and Hydrocarbon emissions by sixty percent as compared to petrol vehicles.

The liquefied petroleum gas or compressed natural gas help consumers drastically cut down travel expenses by huge margins as opposed to those using petrol or diesel.

And in case if you install CNG kits, then make sure that you get it done from an authorised CNG Kit dealer to ensure safety.

Now check out 10 key reasons to choose CNG instead of Petrol / Diesel for your car:

  1. The maintenance advantage:

The maintenance cost of CNG-powered vehicle is low as compared to other hydrocarbon-fuel-powered vehicles.

  1. It is safe:

Natural gas fuel systems are sealed. In this way, it prevents spills or evaporative losses. It dissolves into the atmosphere quickly as it is lighter than air.

  1. Less pollution and more efficiency:

It has low carbon dioxide emissions, so switching to CNG can help cut down greenhouse gas emissions. It produces lesser pollutants than petrol and diesel.

  1. Performance advantage:

Natural gas gives the same mileage as petrol and dedicated Compressed Natural Gas engines are superior in performance to petrol engines.

  1. CNG is in a gaseous state:

Even under severe hot and cold weather conditions, compressed natural gas has superior starting and drivability.

  1. The cost advantage:

Natural gas is cheaper than petrol. Taxis, buses and rickshaws also use CNG as it is a very cost effective fuel.

  1. It is a greener fuel:

The emissions released as a by product of CNG usage are lesser than those created by regular fuel.

Carbon monoxide emissions are down by seventy to eighty five percent while hydrocarbon levels are reduced by forty to sixty percent.

  1. Environmentally Clean:

Natural gas is the cleanest burning fossil fuel available today. Natural gas vehicles produce the fewest emissions of all vehicle fuel types.

NGV emissions contain lesser pollutants than gasoline. Dedicated NGVs discharge little or no emissions during fueling.

  1. Improves Engine life:

Contrary to popular belief, CNG is actually a better fuel and it improves life of an engine as the carbon levels are significantly reduced.

  1. Install CNG Kits:

Compressed natural gas Kit is approved by central and state governments of India. So you can easily install these kits. It also helps in controlling pollution.


Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is an economical fuel to make and use and that is why it is so common in public transport.

CNG vehicle emissions contain significantly lesser pollutants than gasoline. Natural gas vehicles emit little or no emissions during fueling.

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