10 Tips to Save More on Fuel Costs

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10 Tips to Save More on Fuel Costs

Do you want to save more on fuel costs?  Are you looking for an eco friendly solution? Then, install CNG kits in your car as it will save your money & contribute to a cleaner environment.

Above from that, Listed below are some tips that can help you save more money by cutting down the fuel costs.

These tips will definitely be very handy & give some valuable cash that can be diverted for some other important expenses.

  1. Use public transport:

Wherever possible, you can go for public transport system. Most companies operate buses for the benefit of their employees.

Such shared modes of public transport can be much cheaper than driving your own car.

  1. Car Pools:

If in case buses are not available, then you can start a car pool with friends and neighbours travelling in the same direction.

You can encourage your kids to take the school bus or van, or start a children’s car pool for school and other co curricular activities.

  1. Multi-task:

Combine visits so that you don’t have to make individual trips back & forth. Whether it’s for work or for household activities, try together to avoid multiple trips.

Additionally, one can consider options like tele-video conferencing & web conferencing, instead of personal meetings.

  1. Work from home:

If on your own or if your work environment permits, you can try work from home at least once a week.

  1. Use your old two-wheeler:

If you’ve your old scooter or motorcycle, you may find it convenient to use it two or three days a week.

  1. Consider walking or cycling:

Before you take your car out, think twice. Avoid driving your car if you can walk. Maybe you can even consider riding your bicycle.

  1. Buying a new vehicle:

buying new vehicle

If you consider buying a new vehicle, then check for fuel efficiency.  You need to ask your friends and colleagues if they own the same car.

Check around and go for one that can give you good mileage.

Ideally a fuel efficient car should give you a mileage of fifteen Kilo-meter per litre on city roads and seventeen Kilo-meter per litre on highways.

A bigger car may look great but it may be more expensive to operate.


  1. Used car:

If you absolutely must buy a car, consider buying a used car. It will cost you a fraction of the price of a new car, and the motor insurance will be cheaper as well.

But, be sure you purchase a car that has been factory approved and that is not more than 3 years old.

Otherwise you may end up with a faulty car or one that requires constant repairs. Also you can install CNG kits in your car.

  1. Road tax:

Road tax is cheaper when bought in an individual’s name rather than in the name of a company or firm.

  1. Turn the air-conditioning off:

Please turn off the air conditioning of your car.

Things to remember


  • Regular maintenance and good driving habits can cut your fuel bills by up to twenty five percent.
  • You can consider other fuel alternatives like diesel or CNG.
  • You can choose public transport & car pooling whenever possible. Walk or use the bicycle where possible.


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