Why Government Approved CNG Kit is Important for Car?

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Why Government Approved CNG Kit is Important for Car?

As the price of petrol and diesel is too high, it’s natural that you may consider fitting your car with a government approved CNG kit.

A large number of people are installing CNG kit in their car to save cost and also to save environment.

A CNG kit is important for a car due to following reasons:

  1. Better Efficiency and Mileage:

You can see a good improvement in your car’s mileage after fitting the CNG kit. Your car need less fuel to cover the same distance. Moreover, it also costs less.

There’s a difference of around Rs. 3-5 in the per-kilometer cost of CNG and Petrol because of the lower pricing. You can save thousands of rupees every month in fuel costs.

  1. Greater Safety:

Compressed Natural Gas is a much safer alternative to petrol and diesel.  It’s not as flammable as petrol.

So, it is more resistant to fire. Moreover, CNG emits lesser carbon dioxide as compared to its competitors, thereby making it safe for the environment too.

  1. Convertibility and Licensing:

You need approvals from the government to get a CNG kit because all cars are not well-suited with the CNG fuel system.

This also depends upon the CNG Approved listing of the state or union territory authority under which you register your eligibility to convert from petrol to CNG.

If you’re considering a CNG kit you may want to check these aspects right away.

It takes less time to get the CNG kit with your new car rather than converting your old car and get its RC stamped.

  1. Don’t have to pay high Car Insurance Premiums:

The CNG kit helps you save thousands of rupees every month and you don’t have to pay more for your annual car insurance premium.

  1. Cost Savings:

Installing CNG kit is a cost saving option. You can save a large amount of money. So after 2-3 years, you will be saving every time you fill your CNG tank compared to Petrol users.

So a CNG kit is a feasible option if you want to use the car for a longer time.

Key Takeaway:

Like everything in life, a CNG kit too has its own advantages and disadvantages. On one hand, it manages to save a lot of your fuel costs.

On the contrary, initially you’ll have to pay a high amount to install the kit. However above all it’s a really good option.

About Author:

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