Is it Wise to Install CNG Kit in Maruti Ritz?

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Is it Wise to Install CNG Kit in Maruti Ritz?

Even as you can install CNG kits in a Ritz or any other vehicle of your choice, doing so comes with its downsides.

The valve seats, piston rings, engine valves, and bearing shells are originally made to run on gasoline.

Running them on CNG fuel causes excessive wear rate higher than normal that can adversely affect the life of the engine.

Also, you’re required to install a gas cylinder of reasonable capacity because a high capacity cylinder puts an extra pressure on the suspension & the body due to their weight.

Also don’t install the kit while the vehicle is in warranty. You can enjoy the lower running costs however for safety purposes; always keep a fire extinguisher handy.

My Maruti Ritz CNG engine switches off while running. What could be the reason for that?

If car is switching off in CNG and petrol both, then there could be possibility of jammed IAC i.e. idle air control valve. Simply cleaning would solve the problem. There can be multiple reasons as well.

Is it OK to use Maruti Swift car on petrol mode after installing CNG kit?

Yes! Absolutely

You can use the car in Petrol mode too. Infact it is an excellent practice to do that as the engine requires proper lubrications which the CNG lacks.

So, time to time it becomes important to drive your car in petrol mode so that the engine gets proper lubrications thereby increasing the longevity of the car.

Can we install CNG kit in CI engine?


Actually CI engines are designed specifically for diesel. Natural gas needs spark plugs to ignite the engine because its ignition temp can’t be attained by compression only.

Diesel engine has fuel injector instead of spark plug. But if you want to use CNG kit in your diesel engine, then you need some engineering modifications like:

  1. Compression Ratio: New or modified pistons are needed, with an appropriately shaped combustion chamber to enable proper air-fuel mixing.
  2. Spark Plugs: Spark plug wear is a common problem, and the high compression ratio and use of gaseous fuel needs higher spark voltage than a petrol car.
  3. Valves: Older engines require valve guide seals to stop engine vacuum from drawing oil into the combustion chamber.
  4. Thermal Issues: Engines would require upgraded thermal management components, including larger radiators, larger oil coolers, and heat shields around exhaust components.
  5. Catalytic Converter: A catalyst is generally required to meet emission regulations. The exception is lean-burn engines which meet certain emissions targets without a converter.
  6. Engine Management System: AFS generates a range of products or custom designs for these varying requirements.

 Is it possible to fit CNG in an automatic car?

You can fit CNG kit in Automatic Car. But despite of transmission type, compressed natural gas powered Cars lose fifteen to twenty percent of the peak power as compared to Petrol.

CNG adds to the weight of the Car as well. This drawback can be managed in Manual Transmission through shifting gear earlier or running on higher RPM.

But same can’t be done in automated transmission. Other problems of CNG usage is related to life of Engine parts like fuel pumps and valve.

However this can be balanced by using synthetic Engine oil & coolant. In this way, you can use CNG in Automatic transmission. But make sure that you go with good & authorized brands.

If you will be able to break even the CNG Kit value through fuel savings, then go for it.

What is the disadvantage of CNG in cars and why it is not used in every state?

There are multitudes of advantages of using CNG in your vehicle over conventional fuels like Petrol/Gasoline and Diesel. However, the option does come at a price.

  • The performance of the car is reduced significantly.

On an average CNG users experience a crash of about 10% in performance.

Acceleration is slower. So you may’ve to rev the engine more to get going. This is essentially the reason why compressed natural gas reduces life of the engine.

The issue is, drivers expect petrol like performance from CNG and rev more to get it. This eventually results in more wear and tear.

  • The storage space is eaten up badly.

Boot space is reduced or removed completely as the fuel storage tank takes up all the room.

  • Availability is not as widespread as regular gas stations.

Within the city, users have a list of stations which fall in their route. But beyond that it’s an uncertainty. This is the reason why cars are not made to run exclusively on compressed natural gas.

  • Blocked injectors.

Cars with CNG kits should always be started on petrol and run for a few kilometres before being switched to the green fuel.

This warms up the engine better and gets the motor well lubricated. Petrol is costly. So drivers often chose not to use it.

This causes the injectors to crust and get blocked. Not to mention the fuel lying in the tank ages and unlike wine doesn’t get any better.

  • Fuel range.

Even though compressed natural gas is a low-cost fuel, the actual range on just CNG is lesser than petrol.

So, even if the car does use CNG, it’s always wise to maintain a regular flow of petrol both in the tank and in the engine usage.

Which CNG kit is best?

A Sequential CNG kit is the most popular one nowadays as they’re well-suited with almost all cars which are new in the market.

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