CNG Injector Rail (MIR-01)


The CNG Injector Rail comes with an innovative piston design. It is equipped with 2 OHM & 3 OHM coil and upgraded interior design to achieve short opening and closing times. The piston is smaller in size and is less affected by the forces of inertia. This results in shorter opening/closing times of the injector and a longer life of rubber components cooperating with the injector guide.

The injector rail is made of high quality material, which is treated on numerically controlled machines. The product has undergone several tests to achieve high performance and long-time failure-free work.

Each injector rail is calibrated and ready to be fitted in the car.



  • ECE 110R
  • ECE 115R
  • ISO 15500



Technical Specifications

Material O2 OHM O3 OHM
Maximum Working Pressure 0.45 MPA 0.45 MPA
Coil Resistance 2 ohm 3 ohm
Supply Voltage 11 – 14,4 V 11 – 14,4 V
Inlet Gas Fitting Rubber Hose Ø10mm Rubber Hose Ø10mm
Outlet Gas Fitting Calibrated Nozzles
M10 x 1
Calibrated Nozzles
M10 x 1
Temp. Range for CNG -40°C to + 120°C -40°C to + 120°C
Temp. Range for LPG -20°C to + 120°C -20°C to + 120°C
Opening Time (± 5%) 3.0 ms 3.2 ms
Closing Time (± 5%) 2.5 ms 2.7 ms